MMA: ZHANG WEILI vs. ROSE NAMAJUNAS; Method of victory? Finalized

Date Created

April 18, 2021 09:19 PM (UTC-0)

Market Close

April 25, 2021 02:00 AM (UTC-0)

Event Expiration

April 25, 2021 11:00 AM (UTC-0)

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850 PAL
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Resolution Details

  • Market resolves based on the official result immediately following the fight. Later announcements, enquirers, or changes to the official result will not affect market settlement.
  • If a fighter is substituted before the fight begins the market should resolve as "Draw/No Contest".
  • If a fighter is disqualified during the fight, the opposing fighter should be declared the winner by KO/TKO. If both fighters are disqualified the market should resolve as "Draw/No Contest".
  • If the fight is cancelled or will not be complete by the Event Expiration Time for any reason, the market should resolve as "Draw/No Contest".
  • A draw can occur when the fight is either stopped before completion or after all rounds are completed and goes to the judges scorecards for decision. If the judges can not determine a winner, "Draw/No Contest" should be the winning outcome.
  • If the fight goes to the judges scorecard before the scheduled number of rounds is completed then it should resolve as a "Points" victory to the winner.
  • KO/TKO: 1. Referee stoppage while either/both fighters are standing or on the canvas, due to one fighter not intelligently defending themselves from strikes, or in a defenseless position. 2. Stoppage by doctor or a fighter’s corner/team. 3. A fighter retires due to injury.
  • Submission: A Submission should be used when a fighter taps out, either verbally or physically.